FileShare est un logiciel de P2P dont l’objectif est clairement de venir piétiner Direct Connect sur ses plates-bandes. La version finale officielle 1.0 vient de sortir, et devrait sans peine convaincre les amateurs de DC de s’y convertir…

Pour ceux qui auraient essayé la version 0.8, voici la liste des nouveautés apportées depuis par la version 1.0 :

– 1KB Transfer Bug fixed.
– Timestamps changed to record [HH:MM PM/AM].
– Search Window now no longer records duplicate search terms.
– Message Window bottom bar is now right-clickable.
– Queue system saving now works more reliably.
– Transfer system now slightly more optimized.
– Timestamps for all messages can be switched on.
– Timestamps for away mode now work correctly on private messages.
– Queue Manager now bundled with the FileShare client,
so it’s now possible to edit queues outside of FileShare.
(Right-click the system tray icon and select Queue Manager.)
– Clear results and other trimming options in the search menu.
– Fixed double clicking e-mail addresses in the chat window.
– You may now ignore users that have left the server.
– Fixed ignore list bug where users can not unignore a user.
– Optimized the way FileShare loads and stores your listings.
– Ignore now works for bots and users who are not in the server.
– Added customizable color and font size support!
– New interface tab added to the Settings Window.
– You can now send other users your color schemes!
Type SCH::: in the chatroom
and tell your friend to double click it. Clicking OK applies
the setting.

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