File Spree est un peu LE logiciel sur lequel nous misons beaucoup d’espoir à Ratiatum. Programmé par un jeune homme très talentueux, il a tout pour devenir un grand acteur du peer to peer de demain. Continuant son périple, Jeremy Lucier vient de sortir la version 1.2.6 Beta de son logiciel, dotée d’une liste de modifications impressionnantes.

On notera particulièrement la fonction de « queuing » qui fait son apparition, mais jugez vous-même de la liste des corrections et ajouts :

+ 0 Byte Files are No Longer Listed
+ Port 0 No Longer Allowed
+ Removed IP Protocol Detection (Useless for Most, and is Automatically Corrected by Other Users)
+ Rebuilt Setup, Old Setup Gave DLL/OCX Errors.
+ Recoded MD5 Hashing Algorithim (Faster, More Efficient)
+ Shared Folder Check Fix
+ No Cryptography Provider Fix
+ Const Collision Fix (Fault in Windows – Error)
+ Fixed Instant Message 424 Error
+ Fixed the File Size Comma Bug
+ « __Incomplete__ » Added to Downloading and Errored Files
+ User Browsing Added to the Transfers
+ Added the Total File Size You’re Sharing
+ Added in Version to the Details
+ Home Web Browser Status Added in Status Bar
+ My Files Search Reimplemented
+ Lessend the Chance of Multiple Search Results from the Same Person(s)
+ File Already Being Shared Fixed
+ Improved the New User Efficiency (No Pause When A New User Connects to You)
+ Added Better Icons
+ Fixed Connections for Only 1 More User
+ Fixed Subscript Encryption Error (Only Happend on Computers Faster then 2.0ghz)
+ Improved Send Data Coding
+ Help Now Uses Home Browser
+ Settings Reset Button Removed
+ Flipped Settings Save/Close Buttons – Easier to Understand
+ Fixed Updating of Hosts Clearing Older Hosts Without Connecting
+ Reduced Memory Usage During File Transfers
+ Fixed Web Browser Invalid Navigate Bug
+ Fixed Already Bound Bug (Would Not Open if the Port was Already Bound)
+ Minor GUI Fixes for XP
+ Connection Box Added (Improved Speed and Less Lag)
+ HotList (Unfinished! Only Works for Static IP’s at the Moment – Will Be Fixed)
+ Laggy Network Connecting Lessened
+ Queueing System Implemented
+ Fixed the IM Trigger Skipping
+ Update Function Recoded to Provide Faster User Detail Updates
+ Queueing Options Added to Settings Upload Tag
+ Total Files Shared is Now Displayed in Details
+ Multiple Same Users in Details Fixed

Nous savons également que le multisourcing, qui permet de télécharger un même fichier depuis plusieurs sources simultannément, est presque finalisé. Une fois cette fonction implémentée, File Spree pourra définitivement jouer dans la cour des grands.

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Dossier : Interview de Jeremy Lucier