This summer in Paris, several apps will be essential for transit information, sport results or attending competitions. Here is a selection of the best apps to install on your smartphone.

For our English-speaking readers

Numerama is a French media outlet specializing in society and technology. During the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, we are writing several articles in english to help visitors better understand Paris.

With the Olympic Games, millions of people will come to Paris. For several weeks, the Île-de-France region will resonate with the rhythm of the world’s biggest sporting event. Tourists will have to navigate the complicated traffic and public transport of the capital.

To help you prepare for your visit to Paris, Numerama has selected four essential apps for the Olympic Games.

Paris 2024 Public Transport : navigation and metro tickets

In Paris, apps like Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Waze are very popular. They will obviously be adapted to the Olympic event sites, providing real-time information on public transport and traffic.

In addition to these apps, we recommend downloading Transport Public Paris 2024 on your smartphone, the official service for monitoring the transit network during the Games. One of its main features is to distribute visitors across different lines to avoid major congestion and long waits on the platform. It also allows you to record your events in advance to better plan your departures.

Another feature that makes Transport Public Paris 2024 essential is the ability to purchase metro tickets or Paris 2024 passes directly on your smartphone, whether it’s an iPhone or an Android device.

Paris 2024 Public Transport is the official app for transit informations.
Paris 2024 Public Transport is the official app for transit informations. // Source : Numerama
Transport Public Paris 2024

Transport Public Paris 2024

Paris 2024 Tickets : a digital wallet

If you have tickets for one or more Olympic events, the Paris 2024 Tickets app is a must. It serves as a digital passport, providing information about your events and a QR code for entry into the stadium upon arrival.

Paris 2024 Tickets design is ugly, but it allows you to store your digital tickets.
The design of Paris 2024 Tickets is not very appealing, but it allows you to store your digital tickets. // Source : Numerama
Paris 2024 Tickets

Paris 2024 Tickets

RainToday : the best app for rain in Paris

Generally, it’s hot in Paris during the summer. Unfortunately, rain can sometimes spoil the fun, often in short bursts lasting several minutes. This is where RainToday becomes useful.

More reliable than the weather systems integrated into other apps (like Apple Weather, which isn’t very good in Paris), RainToday indicates when it will start raining and, with a precipitation map, helps predict when the rain will stop. We hope for no rain during the Olympic Games, but this app is highly recommended just in case.

L'interface de RainToday.
The RainToday map uses a cursor to help you predict future precipitation. // Source : Numerama

Paris 2024 Olympics : the official app for results

Let’s be honest, the interface of the official Paris 2024 Olympics app is complicated. The tabs are unlabeled, the app mixes a lot of content (news, maps, results), and it’s not always easy to navigate. Unfortunately, given the numerous sports featured during the Olympics, there’s no equivalent for following the results of your favorite sports.

During the Games, this app will allow you to consult real-time performance results for your country (and the medal standings) from the “Results” tab. It is obviously indispensable for anyone interested in the Olympics (even if we hope for better a third-party app soon).

You can do a lot of things in the Paris 2024 app.
You can do a lot of things in the Paris 2024 app. // Source : Numerama
Jeux Olympiques – Paris 2024

Jeux Olympiques – Paris 2024

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