Cela faisait longtemps qu’un client Gnutella nous était pas venu dans une nouvelle version. Le calme est aujourd’hui brisé avec la sortie de Xolox Ultra 1.3, dont les nouveautés sont nombreuses.

En vrac et en version originale, voici toutes les fonctions apportées par cette nouvelle version :

Ultraleaf Support:
More effecient and better search results with Ultraleaf connect.
Optional settings to give user more control over XoloX
GWebCache support added.
Now XoloX stores only recently connected hosts to hostlist,
which reduces connection timeout.
Number of connected hosts shown at startup; « Network OK »
shown as soon as sufficient connections established.

User friendly system management:
Preferences and Network settings UI improved.
Webcache/blacklist one-click quick import.
Added multiple selection in « transfers » window.
Min/max connections now are set up automatically when using only simple mode preferences.
Manually set amount of connections in advanced settings.

File/Exit option added.

Allow XoloX to launch your virus scanner to check every downloaded file.
McAfee built in.
User configurable IP Blacklist Added.
Better support behind a software firewall.

Improved Stability:
Various EconvertError bugs fixed.
Some causes of crashing with wME fixed.
Resolved the problem with no hostlist.txt present.
Improved Stability with significant decreases in overall
resources (bandwidth, cpu, open sockets, etc).

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