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Coup de tonnerre dans le monde du P2P

Jiang le 27/08/2020 à 00:18

On peut se demander comment une nouvelle aussi fracassante a pu être aussi largement ignorée: Evenement unique en près de 10 années, eMule vient de recevoir une mise à jour majeure (encore en beta):

It has been a while, but finally the code has got changes, new executables were compiled and prepared for testing.
This is the first public beta of eMule 0.60a.

Internally, the changes are extensive; there are security improvements and optimisations, a few bugs and regressions were fixed.
All that might be, and in many cases should be, invisible to users.

The visible side of the changes should be:

_ SMTP email notifications can use secure transmission and user authentication_
_ HTTPS can be used for downloading server.met, nodes.dat, IP filter and language DLLs_
_ servers: first connection is tried as obfuscated (often server capabilities were unknown at the time)_
_ minor increase in KAD publishing rate_
_ Windows UPnP implementation got changes (and needs field testing)_
_ improved compatibility with the latest versions of mediainfo.dll, including 20.08_
_ uniform checks for data rate limits_
_ parts import for handling broken downloads (should be enabled in Options->Extended - for the current session only)_

And now, have you been attentive enough and noticed plural form executables in the first phrase?
This is not a mistake, there are two executable files, because eMule gets 32-bit and 64-bit builds.

In 64-bit Windows it is possible to use well know “overwrite the executable” kind of upgrade as the simplest way to switch between 32-bit and 64-bit builds or versions - there and back.
Of course, external DLLs (MediaInfo.dll, for one) must have the same bitness as eMule itself.

On n’en pouvait plus d’attendre.