• Synology DS414Slim

    Synology DS414Slim

    « As you will probably have figured by now, I liked the DS414slim very much. It hides much more than meets the eye and will earn the respect of all... »
  • Seasonic X-1250 1250W

    Seasonic X-1250 1250W

    « Seasonic has, as it seems, decided to turn the page by offering their products at really nice prices. Seasonic says the unit I reviewed today to be... »
  • In Win 901

    In Win 901

    « First off, lets make one thing clear: The In Win 901 is not a gamer's chassis. It is for those who want a beautiful-looking system first and... »
  • Zalman Reserator 3 MAX Dual

    Zalman Reserator 3 MAX Dual

    « Zalman has created the basis for a great cooler here, but some changes really need to be made. First up is the price. At 139.99, it is extremely... »
  • Asus Essence STX II 7.1

    Asus Essence STX II 7.1

    « ASUS has another solid product for their Xonar line-up in the STX II. The addition of 7.1 connectivity is a bonus to some, but I doubt it will be a... »


    « As a gamer at heart, but one with less time as each day passes by and my school year starts, I am really happy with the MSI X99S GAMING 7 because... »
  • Sapphire Radeon R9 285 Dual X OC - 2 Go (11235-03-20G)

    Sapphire Radeon R9 285 Dual X OC - 2 Go (11235-03-20G)

    « n light of NVIDIA's Maxwell architecture, I expected AMD to introduce massive power consumption optimizations, but Tonga doesn't bring much in that... »
  • Aerocool Dead Silence Cube - Noir

    Aerocool Dead Silence Cube - Noir

    « The Aerocool DS Cube is a nice-looking, silent chassis. So the name DS ultimately makes sense. Also, having the choice to pick from among nine (!)... »
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