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  • iRobot Robot Laveur SCOOBA 385

    iRobot Robot Laveur SCOOBA 385

    « The iRobot Scooba 385 floor-washing machine delivered good results during our tests. It is painfully loud, but it's probably not as painful as... »
  • iRobot Robot laveur Scooba 230

    iRobot Robot laveur Scooba 230

    « >We recommend the iRobot Scooba 230, but we do so with some reservations. In terms of pure performance the cute little unit delivers, cleaning... »
  • iRobot Roomba 780

    iRobot Roomba 780

    « >For the first time we feel able to say a robot vacuum truly lives up to its title. This comes through the Roomba 780's combination of improved... »
  • Dyson DC 24 All Floors

    Dyson DC 24 All Floors

    « The "Mini-Me" version of the regular Dyson is impressive. It is light, easy and nifty in use. Complaints are few and far between, although those... »
  • Vax Mach Air U 90 MAE

    Vax Mach Air U 90 MAE

    « The Vax Mach Air is easy to move around thanks to its light weight and compact dimensions. On occasions it does feel a little unsteady, with the... »
  • Dyson DC 16

    Dyson DC 16

    « In our tests the Dyson DC16 performed brilliantly with plenty of suck for the entire time of the charge (all 6 minutes of it). The portability... »
  • Irobot Roomba 560

    Irobot Roomba 560

    « Cheap robo-vacs used to be a no-no, but this one is top-notch. Not Dyson standards admittedly, but far more relaxing »
  • Samsung Navibot SR 8855

    Samsung Navibot SR 8855

    « The Samsung navibot SR8855 robot vacuum cleaner employs some clever tech and is a great way to get the bulk of your vacuuming done without... »
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