Google Nexus 7 - 16 Go

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Google Nexus 7 - 16 Go
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  • Test du Google Nexus 7 - 16 Go indexé le 18 Juin 2014
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    Gorgeous Full HD screen
    Powerful processor
    Speedy Android 4.3 OS
    Nexus devices get all the latest upgrades
    Low $230 price
    Comfortable to hold
    It has a rear camera (original did not)
    No MicroSD card slot
    More expensive than $200 original Nexus
    iPad App Store still has more, better apps
    Rear camera is terrible
  • Test du Google Nexus 7 - 16 Go indexé le 13 Décembre 2013
    Traduction automatique (afficher l'original) :
    The somewhat half-hearted approach to tablet optimisation is a shame and a bit of an issue for the Google Nexus 7, and it's something that holds it back against the iPad Mini. Apple's little tab has endless apps tailored for its screen, and the squatter ratio and extra 0.9in make it more suitable for interaction and creating content.

    But the Nexus 7 is more about consuming media than creating it, and it does an exceptional job of it. The widescreen ratio combined with a seriously high pixel density and impressive stereo speakers makes for a truly marvellous portable movie experience, and it's no slouch with music or books, either.

    On top of that - and despite a price-hike over the previous model - the new Nexus 7 still comes in cheaper than the iPad Mini, yet gives nothing away in terms of styling and build quality.

    By all means stick to the iPad Mini if you want your little tablet to be versatile enough for music and video editing, but we reckon that most people in the market are more interesting in consuming media than making it, and for that the new Nexus 7 is truly awesome. That's why it's jumping the iPad Mini in our Top 10 list of the best tablets in the world right now.
  • Test du Google Nexus 7 indexé le 29 Novembre 2012
    Traduction automatique (afficher l'original) :
    >The Google Nexus 7 is one of the best tech bargains of the year. This 7in Android tablet is priced so aggressively that every low-cost tablet maker must be terrified. Just as important, it doesn't look or feel cheap either, thanks to the powerful quad-core processor and the texturing of the rear. It's not perfect and that not all Google services are available in the UK is a shame, but this is undoubtedly the best sub-£200 tablet we've seen.
  • Test du Google Nexus 7 Android tablet indexé le 21 Novembre 2012
    Traduction automatique (afficher l'original) :
    When you combine the Nexus 7's low price with its excellent performance, it's easy to see why it represents such outstanding value. The Nexus 7 stacks up superbly against rival devices that command a price tag well above its $249-$299 asking price. The lack of removable storage and some other minor quirks are downsides, but this is one of the best Android tablets on the market.
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