Gigabyte S1080

Gigabyte S1080
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  • Test du Gigabyte S1080 indexé le 15 Mai 2014
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    Let's start with the pros: the case is resistant even though it looks a bit cheap. The connectivity is extensive and scores thanks to its variety. The tablet only lacks a HDMI interface. The matte display will not be the source of disturbing reflections and the power consumption is very low.

    Now to the cons: the software for starting programs is useless and does not run fluidly. The provided accessories are few and the synthetic leather cover is cheap and smells bad. The touchscreen is not well calibrated and the touchpoint is a nice idea but it fails too often for comfortable use.

    The display is far too dark. This means that the test model can not be used outdoors or in bright surroundings. The viewing angles are limited and the colors seem dull and washed out. The performance of CPU and hard disk is not enough for a fluid experience in Windows 7. Overall, the tablet is not fun to use due to its various flaw and this gives the Apple and Android tablets a clear advantage.
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